Tuesday, 2 March 2010

I just love a good secret

A 'private blog' is a very good one indeed

I have just been reading something entirely new (to me, anyway), – a 'private blog'. I had not heard of such things till I received an invitation this evening to sign on. I am on of just over a dozen recipients of this invitation at this very early stage in this blog's life and I feel really privileged.

The writer's circumstance are rather more 'real' that those of most people who like to hide comfortably behind the mask of 'Anonymous' and I wholly respect her reasons for doing what she does. She has an amazing story to tell, she brings it vividly to life, and I can but hope that one day her accumulated record might serve as a telling contribution to the public domain.

Meanwhile, how many other such are out there in CE? Maybe lots, maybe none (my own inclination would be to plump rather towards the latter).

Maybe my secret blogger has spotted a real way of filling an genuine gap in the market, in which you can say what you like, spill the beans, dish the dirt, wax cruelly sarcastic, share some confidences, have a laugh – and speak openly of the dreadful things that people can do to each other (even in Conductive Education).

Stir in the joys and the heartbreaks of everyday living and... it is certainly a seriously tempting prospect.


Sorry, Mum's the word.

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