Sunday, 21 March 2010

Jobs in Conductive Education

It's a market out there

Some simple statistics

On Wednesday this week the weekly automated report of the number of visits to CONDUCTIVE WORLD JOBS stated that there had been 1,037 visits to the page over the last week, with 905 visits in the week before.

CONDUCTIVE WORLD JOBS now has 358 'friends' keeping a particularly close eye upon this market. Some of these are conductors, others are would-be employers. Sign up yourself as a friend at:

Information is available in most cased on sex and age of advertisers: 86% are female and 77% are aged between 18 and 44.

Though there are exceptions but most conductors seeking work are Hungarians while almost all those looking to employ conductors are outside Hungary.

So not many surprises there!

Time to advertise

So, people are looking for work and other people are looking for somebody to employ! The trick is to bring them together.

This is the time of year when the job market starts heating up. Easter is already upon us and summer in the Northern Hemisphere brings lots of changes in employment, and  glut of 'summer schools' and 'camps' wanting temporary staff, added to which the new tranche of newly qualified conductors will soon be flooding on to the market.

Some advertisers are emphasising their needs by advertising more than once. Feel free to do so yourself if your requirements are not met at the first attempt.

What else can one do?

Please, do not write to me! I am always pleased to hear from people and welcome your emails but there is no concrete help that I can give over this particular matter. I have no jobs to offer, neither can I find conductors for those who want them!

I can but offer two pieces of specific advice.

If you want to employ a conductor, you can advertise or you can network (better still, do both). The easiest way of breaking into networks is by contacting places where conductors already work and asking conductors there. You can find such places listed on Conductive Education Information:


If you are a conductor looking for work the advice is much the same. Advertise yourself, and network.

In either case, sensible employers and sensible conductors will want to make themselves look a good prospect, and have good references.

Don't expect to be lucky at the first attempt. Keep on trying till something that looks appropriate comes along.

Another market

Don't forget that you might also be able to advertise your services or your requirements in CONDUCTIVE WORLD MARKET:

You can do both at the same time if you wish.

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