Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Something worth researching

Free peep at another world waiting to be explored

It has been more than once remarked in Conductive World (and in other places too) that one very promising basis for proper research into the process of conductive pedagogy and upbringing – one that could not only quantify change but, more importantly, also lead directly into improving these processes and generalising their benefit – is investigationof child-caregiver interaction. Here’s something that could offer the ‘science’ that some so crave whilst still anchoring the subject firmly on humane, psychosocial ground, and give the CE sector a much-needed intellectual lifeline to the mainstream of modern child-development research

I doubt that anyone who reads these words will act upon them (nobody has yet!), but there is no harm is restating this position again, for the interest perhaps of some future generation.

For a window on to this world, open:


You will see that international academic publishers Wiley-Blackwell have teamed up with the International Society on Infant Studies to publish the journal Infancy. As an inaugural come-on, there is free open access to volume 15, no 1 (January-February 2010).

About Infancy: The journal emphasizes the highest quality original research on normal and aberrant infant development during the first two years. Both human and animal research are included. In addition to regular length research articles and brief reports (3000-word maximum), the journal includes solicited target articles along with a series of commentaries; debates, in which different theoretical positions are presented along with a series of commentaries; and thematic collections, a group of three to five reports or summaries of research on the same issue, conducted independently at different laboratories, with invited commentaries.

That's one of the kinds of company that CE should be keeping. 

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