Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Two classic tales, two archetypes...

Conductive Education, just part of a Great Game

Two tales, both from the United States (though nothing especially significant in this), two narratives very different at first sight but in fact parts of the same big story, the Great Game of which CE is but a part.

The following extensive news story could stand as an archetype to charecterise an mechanism that has been vital to the internationalisation of CE – what one might term the 'parentogenic' mechanism that has created most of the conductive services available around the world and, correspondingly, most of the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of international jobs that conductors have filled over the last twenty or so years:

Pinto, B., Siegel, H. (2010) A grandmother's love leads to school for disabled children: she couldn't find the right School for her grandson, so she built her own, ABC World News, 1 March, 2010

Be sure to go on go the second page of the article to finish the story... and then go back and look at the video included, which has nothing to do with Conductive Education – or has it?

I leave it to you for the moment to answer this one....

Video link

Andrea Canning's four-minute report is already plastered across the Web and could become a cult classic. You can find it here too, in cardinal form:

Canning, A. (2010) Overcoming cerebral palsy with ballet: Gregg Mozgala reduced symptoms of his cerebral palsy through dance, ABC World News, 1 March

If you never click on another link, click on this one.


  1. Hi Andrew,

    Both are for sure great stories of hope and transformation. Even though the story about Cerebral Palsy and ballet, doesn't mention any CE, it definitely has a hint of conductive upbringing in it.
    A great example is the ballet teacher looking at his movements and not at his CP and determine what to do to make him improve. It does sound so simply but like they say in the clip its such a revelation. It ties in so nicely with what Susie said in her block not too long ago, that when doing conductive upbringing seems like using common-sense, which unfortunately is not so common at all when it comes to teach and bringing up children as well as adults with CP. I also liked to comment about live-long learning- also very CE.

    I clicked on another clip on this page, where a girl with CP with writing poems, stories with the help of a computer and a drum-stick. I would be interested how they taught her to read and spell that way and really hope her mom comes across the article about CE. CE could potential help to control her movements better, so she can do her spelling truly independent without using a more high tech computer...


  2. The video from the Conductive Learning Center of Greater Cincinnati now appears with the story: http://abcnews.go.com/WN/grandmothers-devotion-led-school-kids-disabilities/story?id=9980037