Friday, 23 April 2010

Autres pays, autres choses

Different trends in US and UK?

On 17 April Judit Roth wrote here on Conductive World

There are only a handful of CE organizations in the US who have been able to mark a 10-15 year anniversary.

I have heard similar statements elsewhere, from David Dvořak for example. It does seem that, whatever else might characterise CE centers in the US, it is not longevity. I do not know why 15 years has been picked as a particular watershed or landmark figure, but yesterday, only five days later, I was reminded of this by the following report from Middle England, from the small CE-centre Steps:

Steps 15th Birthday Celebration

Steps is a hive of activity this week as we prepare for our big 15th birthday bash on Saturday 24th April. The party starts at 4.00p.m and finishes at 7.00p.m. The website is also going live and it is looking fantastic! We have come such a long way and this week is a massive landmark in history for us...

CE-centers (US) and CE centres (UK) seem collectively rather different organisms but, out of the wide range of agencies that employ conductors in the UK, I suspect maybe half have been doing so for fifteen years or more. It would be interesting to see more formal, empirically based information, comparing the provision of CE-services of different kinds in these two large English-speaking countries

Steps, a small, grandmother-founded service, expects to expand in September.

What does any of this tell us? Not a lot. It does serve as reminder, however, of the power of different circumstances in different countries to push the development of Conductive Education down diverse (and largely undocumented) paths


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