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Emotion and upbringing

One thing that you can do with Conductive World, never mind its own published text, is use it as an instant guide to the CE-blogosphere.

Glance down the left-hand column of this page to see the current blogs included in this category. They are presented in the order of their most recent posting, the latest always going to the top of the list. Click on the top heading of an entry to be taken to that blog's homepage, Click on the second one to be taken to its most recent entry.

These blogs certainly are a mixed bunch. A few f them post at least once a week. Some post for a while then rest – but are kept on the register in the expectation that their authors will suddenly get the urge again, and write. If they do, then the automatic system will raise them immediately up to the head of the list.

Don't be fooled by the blog at the very bottom of the list. It represents an ingenious use of blogging technology to run a CE 'out-patients' (ambulancia) system and is updated frequently, but for technical reasons this does not show!

More, please

There may be other blogs up there in Cyberspace that are not featured here. Two I know of, but these are 'private blogs' and one has to have the authors' permission to access them. If you know of any public blogs not included on the list to the left of this page, do please send the URL (Internet address) to:

Particularly, it would be interesting to include more in Hungarian, and anything in German, Hebrew, Spanish or all the other languages in which Conductive Education is now being developed.

And it would be so very, very nice for more people to take the plunge and write their own.

Something completely different

Why bother about the CE blogosphere?

Partly because this is about the only place where you can find regularly updated writing on on and around Conductive Education. To put it the other way, most of what else you can read ion this topic is moribund.

The living organism of this blogosphere does what all living organisms do – it evolves (moribund things on the other hand decay).

The naïve newcomer to CE on the Internet might become aware of increasing divergence between how the CE-bloggers – whatever their specific differences – think as a body about CE, On the blogosphere you will read very little about wooden furniture and 1-2-3, and a great deal about emotional factors and about family. Indeed, the newcomer might be forgiven for wondering what these two interpretations have in common.

Not just the newcomer!

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