Tuesday, 6 April 2010

CE le film

First in the French language?

From Pouilly-sur-Loire, on behalf of the Association Enfance Handicap Moteur, Mélanie Jeannot writes –

Le Film ! ! !
L'éducation conductive en France
Bonsoir à tous,
De nombreuses personnes voudraient assister à notre programme, mais faute de temps ou parce qu'elles n'osent pas, elle ne savent pas vraiment ce que font les enfants à EHM... Alors, je suis heureuse aujourd'hui de vous montrer ce très beau film de 3 minutes qui nous a été offert par le Crédit Agricole Centre Loire à l'occasion de la victoire d'EHM au Trophée Initiatives Locales Solidarité. Sur ce film, vous verrez Nicolas, Alice, Oscar et Nail accompagnés de leurs parents et Judit, la conductrice qui a élaboré ce programme pour eux. Ce film que J.L. Blouin a réalisé, nous a procuré une immense joie, ainsi qu'à nos enfants qui ont plaisir à se regarder en boucle, c'est pourquoi nous le remercions encore très chaleureusement.
POUR VOIR LE FILM, cliquez ici: http://apetitpas.over-blog.fr  
N'hésitez pas à transférer cet email à tous vos contacts pour faire un peu de pub à l'association et au blog, merci !!
Bien cordialement,
Mélanie Jeannot

In other words –

Conductive Education in France, the Movie ! ! !
Good evening everyone,
Many people would like to attend our program, but through lack of time, or because they dare not, they do not really know what children with motor disorders do ... So I am happy today to show you this beautiful three-minute film that has been offered by he Loire Centre of the Crédit Agricole bank to mark the victory of Children with Motor Disorders in the Solidarity Local Initiatives Trophy. In this film, you will see Nicolas, Alice, Oscar and Nail accompanied by their parents and Judit, the conductor who developed the programme for them. This film made by J. L. Blouin has given us great joy, and as well as to our children who enjoy watching every moment, that is why we thank him so very warmly.
TO SEE THE FILM, click here: http://apetitpas.over-blog.fr 
Feel free to forward this email to all your contacts to make PR for the Association and the blog, thank you!!
Most cordially,
Melanie Jeannot

The first step

I may be wrong in thinking that this it the first such depiction in the French language and apologise if I am.

Even so, whether there have been others or not, it is still very early days in the injection of Conductive Education into the Francophone consciousness. In English, where the process has has twenty-odd years to become so much more commonplace, most video presentations continue to fail to convey that there are pedagogic processes at work in Conductive Education.

It is exceedingly difficult to film inter-psychic and intra-psychic processes – and maybe it is impossible, particularly where the temporal dimension is a vital consideration. The only way in which I have seen it done is by inclusion of commentary or even exposition. There have been (a few) notable examples in English. Ultimately, however, this task may be amenable only to a work of the imagination.

French-speakers have taken an essential first step and should soon be giving the Anglophones a run for their money, in their own style

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