Friday, 9 April 2010

Conductors seeking jobs

Employers seeking conductors
Another way to do it

There are four common ways for conductors to find a job on the international job market:
  • advertise themselves on a specialist CE jobs site on the Internet
  • network amongst friends, colleagues and former classmates
  • search for announcements of job vacancies on centre and program websites
  • write to centres and programs in areas where you would like to work ('cold call')
The first two of these, advertising and networking, are also of course open to centres and programs looking to extend or renew their conductor workforce.

Sometimes, for various reasons, an employer might not wish to announce vacancies so publicly. This happens throughout the world of employment and recruitment, and may occur too in Conductive Education. In such a case the employer wmay go to a recruitment agency. Around the world there are many such agencies in the specialist fields of healthcare and education.

Here as an example is a page from the UK-based but international company 4 Teaching Jobs:

Look at what it says at the foot of the page:

Conductive Education School - Kuwait currently has no live jobs on our website
but they are actively searching our CV Database

Sharing experience

I do not know how effective recruitment by this means might be, either for conductors or employers, or whether some such agencies, in healthcare or education, are particularly effective.

If you have experience, either of looking for a job or looking for a conductor by this means, then it would be very interesting to hear about it.

In the meantime, the world of Conductive Education is heading for its great annual CE jobs hunt.


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