Monday, 12 April 2010

Election news

Right turn in Hungary

The General Election in Hungary has been won by the Centre-Right party Fidesz, on a low turn-out.

The big news may be the second-place result for a rather different kind of right-wing party, Jobbik (pronounced in English, rather appropriately you might think, as 'Yobbick')..

The General Election has seen the dark underbelly of Hungarian politics, the far right, emerging a further into the light, with black paramilitary uniforms, arrant anti-Semitism and a vigorous policy of oppression towards the Gypsies. See, for example:

Expect trouble, colourful enough from a comfortable distance but much less agreeable close to.

Meanwhile Fidesz appears to have a string mandate, and there will be a further round of voting on 25 April to determine a further 121 parliamentary seats (No, I do not understand the voting system).

Hungary has deep, chronic economic problems. Again from a distance, it will be interesting to see how Fidesz's financial and social policies will impact upon employment, education, health and disability services.

Given the fragile dependence of most of the world's conductor supply upon a single traing institution in Budapest, maybe what happens now in Hungary is not so far away after all for those with concerns for Conductive Education, wherever they might be.


In pursue of balance


  1. Hi Andrew,

    Jobbik took the third place. Second place is taken by MSZP the former government "giver" party. There was not much different between their election results though.

  2. Kösz, László, azt mondta, hogy nem értem a magyar választásokat. Úgy gondolom, hogy én általában pont továbbra is érvényes.

    I knew that I could not understand the Hungarian election system but I suspect that my general point stands: Hungarian politics will be even more coloutful and social life harder that ever.

    What do you think?