Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Feldsher (barefoot) conductors

Continue the thought experiment

Coninuing the line of thought introduced in two recent postings on Conductive World, look at the further two items in Nursing Times. Again substitute 'conductors' for 'nurses', 'Conductive Education' for 'nursing', to generate an interesting possible scenario for the future if our own sector:

Adams, G. (2010) HCA regulation cannot be based on pay band alone, Nursing Times, vol. 105, no 12, 30 March, p.21

McGowen, G., Campbell, K. (2010) Training assistant practitioners to deliver clinical care in specialist services Nursing Times, 30 March, Nursing Times, vol. 105, no 12, 30 March, pp. 18-20pp. 18-20

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