Friday, 30 April 2010

ICF – International Classification of Functioning

Did CE make it into the WHO survey?

I have just received this email –

Dear Dr Andrew Sutton,
We’d like to thank you for offering to collaborate in this global expert survey. As you know, only a random sample of participants received the web-link to access the survey. The data collection finished yesterday (April 28th, 2010); we will proceed to link all the answers to the ICF-CY. We hope to share our results with you soon.
Kind regards,
Veronica Schiariti MD MHSc PhD(C)
Global expert survey coordinator

I also heard this morning from a correspondent who received the notification..

What' it all about?

Check back to see. It seemed important at the time and perhaps still is, maybe more so:

16 September 2009

17 September 2009

23 September 2009

14 October 2009

How many people in Conductive Education, conductors, parents, ICF-believers or ICF-sceptics, have received the same email? Of course neither CE nor anyone associated with it has any right to be represented in this study, but it will be a shame (in both senses of the word) of there is no account taken of the voice of Conductive Education in this study.

Unless of course this is tacit acknowledgement from a paediatric rump within cerebral palsy that it has no further business with Conductive Education.

Now there's something that would be a terrible shame. Do please tell that you have indeed taken part in this study – and prove me wrong.


  1. i took part and one of my colleagues did too.


  2. Someone -- maybe Jules? Alerted a lot of us conductor folk to it via a huge email that went out several months ago. I responded to that email and participated too

  3. Sooooo....

    What did it ask and what did you say?

  4. It was quite long, and, i thought, quite hard to fill in. Firstly you had to categorise what professional backgroung/interest you had in the study....always a challenge for CE to fit into a category. Also, my colleague and i tried to ensure we wrote something similar in these sections to ensure that the contribution could be recognised as being from conductors. Whether it will be picked up in the study, who knows...

    The main bulk of the questions were open questions in which one had to come up with 5 answers(not neccesarily in order of importance as far as i can remember) to each question. For example, my mind is a little fuzzy, and lisa may remember better, but they said something along the lines of.... what to you think are the 5 most significant physical issues for a child with CP? or what do you think are the 5 most positive things for a child with CP? all a bit hard since there was no real guidance on the type or specificity of your answer.

    For example, when commenting on the 5 most significant physical issues you could, it seems, have written anything from eating to hip dysplasia to continence problems to body image to precocious puberty.

    As i found the questions quite difficult to specify i went for the option of answering them quite quickly, and not dwelling on each question for too long, as when i tried this tact i kept changing my mind.

    The whole thing probably took about 30-40 minutes to complete and i have no idea how the results might be interpreted and what they might find. I suppose it could easily be surmised that the answers a peadiatrician might give to a question such as the 'physcial issues' one could be quite different from those of a conductor or a parent or a carer or a therapist.

    I guess we'll have to wait and see. I have recieved an email stating that we will be kept informed of the results but i expect that is quite a way off.

    we'll see....