Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Just when they thought it was all over

I mean Greece, specifically the Greek debt crisis. Portugal next? What dreary economic news to wake up to!

The situation in Eurozone looks pretty dire. The German government is putting off international decisions for local party-political electoral reasons, in Nord-Rhein-Westphalien. The UK political parties are in a conspiracy of silence about essential tough fiscal measures (simultaneous tax-rises and public-sector cuts).

The Americans are still trying to sort out the blame for the sub-prime crisis (Mssrs Goldman Sachs chaps are sounding very sheepish on the wireless as I write, denying everything).

Here we go again. CE faces a choppy sea. Time to get the head back in the sand.

Not much of a joke

I am reminded of the old Music Hall /Vaudeville joke (Groucho Marx's, allegedly) –

What's a Greek urn?
I don't know. About fifty drachmas a day.
Boom, boom.

Now Greeks earn Euros and the joke is being rewritten (try Googling the question).

But seriously folks...

Norman Perrin has already been blogging on this, some hours before myself:

He identifies one of the links between Conductive Education and likely further cut-backs, and one possible line for how to argue, or at least, defend Conductive Education's financial case.

He leaves open the further question of who will act.

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