Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Such a lot of people

So little useful, reliable knowledge is an Arabic website, from Egypt, with a big mission:

Improve the quality of life for children with disabilities and their families through the provision of pilot models of rehabilitation in Egypt and the Arab world, resource development and the training of specialists, and create positive attitudes in society towards people with disabilities, through the latest technical expertise and specialised arrangements.

I do not know how successful this site is being in achieving its ambitious goal but I am aware that some 280 million people speak Arabic as a first language and another 250 million as a second, within which huge number there will be a collossal pool of children and adults with motor disorders, and famies whose lives are touched:

Conductive Education

This website makes due mention of Conductive Education:

هذا أسلوب تعليمي يتم إستخدامه مع ذوي الإعاقة الحركية مثل الشلل الدماغي
حيث يعتمد على اسلوب تعليمي ينتهج التكرار اليومي للنشاطات الحركية لتعليم المهارات و المفاهيم
لمساعدة المخ في إيجاد طرق بديلة لخلق الحركات المفضلة لديه مثل الوقوف و المشي....
تعتمد هذه الطريقة على أن النظام العصبي لدي الأطفال ذوي الإعاقة الحركية لديه
السعة للوصلات عصبية جديدة.. بالرغم من الإصابة الدماغية لدي الطفل.
و لمزيد من المعلومات يرجى زيارة الموقع التالي:
This seems to mean something as follows –

This is an educational approach used with people with motor disabilities such as cerebral palsy. It depends on a style of education that pursues the daily repetition of activities to teach motor skills and concepts to help the brain to find alternative ways to create desired movements such as standing and walking. This method relies on the capacity for new nerve connections in the nervous system in children with motor disabilities. For further information, please visit the following website:

Concentrated in this way, this passage makes its own bald sense. I don't know about the 'new nerve connections' nor I think that 'daily repetition of actions would be a way achieve such an outcome were it possible. I can live with with the educational approach, 'desired' movements and the 'alternative ways'. Bald as the statement is, though, it is no more or less than a lot of the information written in English on the Internet says and – as often reminded here – the Internet provides no way of providing readers means to with up what they read. This they have to provide for themselves, from their wider educational resources.

Rather puts some of the other questions surrounding awareness and understanding of Conductive Education into perspective, doesn't it?


  1. May be we should think about creating a mechanism where information about 'what is conductive education' published in the internet, will be randomly examined through standartised 'quality control' or 'quality assurance', by a group of people who are considered to understand what CE (experts)is inside out, and create a 'quality scoring system'+ comments.
    Kind of a "Michelin" scoring system but for CE. People than, will be able to judge every text they read in accordance

  2. An interesting thought experiment:

    (1) trying to find even a small group of CE people who would be able to agree on the necessary essentials, and

    (2) finding anyone outside this group who would accept their judgement.

    I can play a sort of fantasy football to assemble a small dream team to answer point (1). I wouldnn't like to play (2), even as a dream!


  3. A wonderful idea, Rony,but as Andrew says probably not possible to achieve.

    What we need is a reliable source of information that is recognised as such - how we do that, I'm not sure.