Tuesday, 27 April 2010

New conductive service in Austria

See how others get by...

The well established Mozaik organisation is inviting applications from conductors to join its considerable staff, at the Pädagogisch Therapeutisches Förderzentrum, Seiersberg, to begin in Spetember.:


Here is Mozaik's homepage:

Even if you do not speak German you might like to flick through Mozaik’s website. Just look at the pictures to see what ‘well established’ can mean in some parts of the world!

Tucked away there is a brief summary, in English, to show the scale of thing, nluding the following:

Information about us
Mosaik is a limited company in the non-profit sector. We offer care, consulting and aid for people with disabilities (children and adults.) Our main aim is to enable people with disabilities to integrate in the community.
Mosaik was established more than 30 years ago by a group of committed parents, who founded the 'Styrian federation for people with disabilities'.
Facts: 320 employees. 600 clients
In Styria we are one of the biggest private companies in this field of activity. Quality is very important for us. Beside the high qualifications of our employees, it is also important that they are willing to respond to the needs of people with disabilities. It is also essential that we enlarge our offers according to the changing needs of our clients.


  1. Would be interesting to know if you meant "well established" in a positive or in a sarcastic way...

    In my discretion Mosaik seems to be a very innovative non-profit-organisation. The website looks very professional!

  2. Now that's what I call world-class paranoia.

    Mozaik hs been going for 30 years, it has a considerable workforce and client-base, and presumably a turn-over to match.

    I might as well wonder what you imply by 'professional', a word with very strong pejorative implications. Personally, I rather liked the website and it matters not to me whether it was paid for or not.