Sunday, 4 April 2010

So far, so good

So let's do it some more!

Sutton, A.,  Maguire, G. (eds) (2009) Just do it! Young conductors in their new world, Birmingham, Conductiv Education Press

Rony Schencker writes –

Passover Holiday is a good opportunity to do some 'catch up' reading, and so I happily did.

I find your new publication an important documentary work, of fresh voices and authentic experiences of the 'new age' conductors, who decided to take upon themselves challenges that they were not always too during their CE studies. But yet, due to their courage, curiosity, intelligence and creativity, they not only found the solutions to problems occurring but could ask the right questions when needed and identify limitations within themselves as persons and professionals, as well as in the environments where the worked.

I find this book a compulsory reading for all those who work with students and in charge of CE studies world wide, as well as for CE students, and for young conductors at the beginning of their career.

For myself, developing the 'new' curriculum for Israeli CE students, it is a good reflection on what is and on what is lacking.

Especially I liked the writings of Rachael, Julia and Rebekah, Eszter, and Ingvild.

I think Andrew and Gill, that time has come to hear (actually read because we hear them all the time) the voices of parents....why not a book of parents experiencing CE?

Congratulations for this one and those next to come.

Thank you, Rony, for that unsolicited and most welcome seasonal greeting.

More, more...

Actually Gill Maguire and Chas Maguigan have already begun seeking contribution for a collection of collections of conductive pioneers who have been 'in' Conductive Education for years. There are of course other sectors of the parental experience to be samples, and the experiences of youngsters who have grown with the system., and...and...

There are so many things to be written (rather, as Rony so rightly says, just heard). That is why Gill and I set up Conductive Education Press ,with the essential help of Elliot Clifton, one of those young adults who themselves have grown up in 'conductive families. There is so much that has to be expressed about Conductive Education it to be properly understood by those who could potentially benefit – and by those who could help make this happen, or stand in the way.

There are two immediate catches:

  • the obvious one, getting people to write

  • finding people to edit.
Time and money of course would help but 'cadres decide everything' as Uncle Joe used to say!

Or as Elliot would put it, the problem lies in the 'wetware'.

Just do it!

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  1. thanks to Rony for such a lovely review. as one of the chapter authors i loved the other chapters of the book but i am pleased to hear that other people have found it enjoyable (and maybe useful) too. Happy Easter. Jules