Tuesday, 6 April 2010

They're off!

UK General Election may hold wider significance

A domestic issue

Gordon Brown, the British Prime Minister has been to Buckingham Palace to see the Queen, to ask her to dissolve Parliament. HMQ has agreed to do so, as she does. Parliament will be prorogued on Thursday and dissolved on Monday. There will be a General Election on 6 May and then... we shall see.

Flummery and some very hard politics. Outside the UK the former may hold a little touristic charm, and the latter prove no more that a sideshow to world history.

Conductive World comes from the midst of that sideshow and will report and comment upon such matters that are of possible relevance to Conductive Education and its client groups.

An international one

For those outside the United Kingdom, do remember that it was the UK that saddled the world with the would-be progressive but ultimately dysfunctional notion of 'special educational needs', provided the active bridgehead for extracting Conductive Education from Hungary, and more recently has been leading the world in political and official dismissal of simplistic models of inclusion.

The UK also has a bankrupt public sector and a tottering economy that simply cannot afford to maintain existing ways of doing things. Whoever wins the forthcoming election will have to begin radical restructuring of services and wider structures provided for those whom politicians like to call 'the most vulnerable in our society'. There will have to be radically new ways, for everyone.

Politicians' promises before the General Election, and what they actually do after it, may therefore be of more than academic interest to others round the world concerned with those 'most vulnerable' and their families, with present ways of providing, and with Conductive Education.

The UK is not the only country up a gum tree . Treat it as a a sort of test bed, a social experiment, and watch what happens there, as possible inspiration, precedent – or dire warning.

Meanwhile of course Conductive World will continue with its usual fare of news and critical comment, on and from the whole world of Conductive Education.

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