Saturday, 29 May 2010

Careless talk costs... I should take more care

Thee are important things to discuss
Clearly, and publicly 

Postings on Conductive World are rountinely notified on Facebook.

Yesterday's brief item on James Forlitti's unbridled delight at finding a conductor to come to British Columbia was notified on Facebook as follows –

Andrew Sutton British Columbia back on the map of the world of Conductive Education?

Too much haste and too much contraction into a small space: The term, 'Conductive Education', what did this mean? Here is the exchange that followed fast of Facebook, in part because of  ambiguity from loose terminology, but also introducing an important matter of substance:

Robert S. Kurz United States on the map in the Conductive Education World? No way! Too busy with their heads up their you know what!!!!!

Debbie Raymond Heintz I live in Wickliffe Ohio and just today got my school district to pay for my daughter to attend Rising Star Learning Center for Conductive Education part of her week and regular school the other part of the week. Unfortunately we seem to be the exception to the rule as many other school districts just don't get it...I hope this changes because CE is not going away...

Robert S. Kurz The current path of CE in America is not sustainable! Our school district in Maryland wanted to hire 15 Conductors and still after a year of searching, NOT A SINGLE CONDUCTOR has applied for even one job! This was our program, too damn bad we couldn't find a Conductor to keep it from dying!

Debbie Raymond Heintz  wow Robert that is really devastating..I don't know what else to even say- so is the program over for good? So sad if it is...

Robert S. Kurz Hello Debbie, Yes its seems like it is over because the funds are gone now! The school district could not just save the cash in a shoebox, so its now been used for other programs...quite a shame!!!!! ACENA, Dr. Schaffhauser and Conductors everywhere should be embarrassed by this shameful situation!

Conductive World had been in error here not to distinguish between conductive upbringing, conductive pedagogy and conductors working in school systems – or maybe other practices under the 'Conductive Education rubric too. Humble apologies to everyone involved.

What has been going on?

Meanwhile, something rather important has been partially revealed. Cool heads and sharp distinctions will be needed in addressing its ramifications and implications. And above all, transparency.


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  1. Part one

    I have no idea what Acena might have promised, or even what Dr Schaffhauser might have promised, to the project being discussed here and why this may give Mr Kurz cause to think that they should be feeling “embarrassed by this shameful situation” of no conductors applying for the jobs on offer in Maryland.

    There are not enough conductors in any country in the world, and never will be, even in Hungary, to provide a comprehensive conductive service for all children with cerebral palsy, adults with motor disorders and any other clients wanting to take part in conductive education or upbringing. Moving somewhere towards solving this supply and demand discrepancy surely lays within the country where the conductors are needed and not anymore in Hungary and certainly not with Hungarian conductors, or conductors of any other nationality.

    As one of the conductors out here, “everywhere” as Mr Kurz says, I would like to ask him why he thinks that I and all other conductors everywhere should be feeling embarrassed or even finding the situation over the jobs in Maryland to be a shameful one. Why did the project with the school district in Maryland fail to attract “A SINGLE CONDUCTOR”?

    Maybe because there were no conductors at that moment looking for what was on offer there.

    Conductors apply to do the jobs that they think they are cut out to do, those positions that are attractive to them because of their specialist areas and skills, and perhaps because they are offered in a country where they wish to live. Conductors will do a job for a year, for twenty years or for life just as people do in other professions. Some move on and will be on the look out for new experiences or projects, while others don’t. On the whole there are not enough conductors to fill all the posts on offer and hoping to find fifteen all at once, Maryland was certainly being very optimistic.

  2. Part two

    It is extremely difficult to find conductors here in Europe, and here we are just a hop away from Hungary where the majority study and live. It is a huge decision to take up roots and travel across the world to work. Maybe there are fifteen American conductors in all to have filled these vacancies but I guess not and that the project would have been relying mainly on Hungarians to take these jobs.

    I really believe that when a country is hoping to deliver conductive services on such a large scale then it is the responsibility of that country to train conductors and not look to the rest of the world to feel embarrassed or ashamed because a project doesn’t get off the ground through lack of conductors.

    Perhaps too it is important to look at what was advertised. Was there something so attractive on offer to tempt conductors to live in a new country, maybe work in a foreign language and possibly uproot a family too?

    I certainly do not feel embarrassed or ashamed and I would not expect any other conductor in the world to feel so either when they hear about a centre that did not receive any applicants for one, or for fifteen jobs on offer. I may be asking why the positions advertised were not attractive enough to attract anyone but I certainly do not feel embarrassed about it.

    Susie Mallett

  3. Hi All, I wrote Robert:
    Hi Rob, I saw your message on facebook (here) and i feel really sorry for the current difficulties you have...but the system was not really supportive to catch conductors. To do the praxis I and II from Europe takes the plan to the hardly possible zone. I really feel sorry about it because we thought serious about to move to Virginia to try to help improve CE there. Best wishes, Laszlo

  4. Then he answered:
    Hello Laszlo, Thank you very much for your message! I mean you no harm by my words, but let me say I'm tire to hear about the Praxis exams as an excuse! There are literally hundreds of thousands of foreign workers from around the World who are working in the US who take this exam and for the Hungarians to say that they can't take the Praxis is just a weak excuse! I talked to several Conductors to tell them that YES, the Praxis exams can EVEN BE TAKEN IN BUDAPEST and the ETS who organizes the Praxis exams could help with study sessions! The response I receive from Conductors is that they already have special training and they do not need to take any more exams! This is not the way it works in the real world and in a Western, Capatolistic society! In ANY area of public service whether you are a Doctor, Lawyer, Heating Repairman, Auto Mechanic, Therapist, Policeman, Fireman and YES!!!! Even a special teacher working with must have the proper Certification to work in the State they live in...and this is simply what the Praxis exam is....a 3 hour exam so that a Foreign worker may have the certification to work in a specific state in the US! Thousands and Thousands of foreign workers do this...its too bad that the Conductors feel like they are above the law the rest of the World lives by.
    This is a huge tragidy for special children and most importantly my son who now has several terrible surgeries because his body is pulling itself apart without CE! The organization here in the states, ACENA, and Dr Schaffhauser should be ashamed of this terrible situation!
    Again Laszlo, I mean you no harm by these harsh words and I do appreciate your contacting me...this is unfortunately the truth of the situation today!
    Best wishes,

  5. His answer did not harm me and later I reacted that we personally never thought avoid doing those exams however timewise it was really difficult to organise if you were not living in those given Europien capital sities and you were occupied with other work. I suggested to consider to catch Conductive Education Teachers with an other system.

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