Thursday, 13 May 2010

Democracy updates

Get wise, get real, get political

Yesterday's report from Canada is reminder of the long, essential democratic process that Conductive Education has largely ignored, to its very real cost, over recent years.

In the wider world, things move on. If you want to move with them, then you have to move yourself. Others will not do it for you.

From Australia

Sue O'Reilly writes with further update on the Mad as Hell campaign, which is following the hoped-for path from popular cause to something that politicians care about.

7 May

This is a 'doorstop interview' – sorry, I speak limited Strine and cannot translate the phrase. Sue tells me that Tony Abbott  is the Shadow Leader of the Opposition for the Commonwealth of Australia. The two  with him in this interview are the Shadow Ministers for Education and for Disabilities, Carers and the Voluntary Sector.

11 May

This is from yesterday's Hansard for the Parliament of New South Wales

Meanwhile in the United Kingdom

A deal has been patched together to create a Government and word is being put about from on high that the political events of the last week are the best of all possible outcomes in the best of all possible worlds (notwithstanding which, the public estimation of politicians has done what many would regard as beyond all possiblility, sunk even lower). Now with lots of hands on the control column, come the urgent task of pulling out of the economic spin...

Amidst all this uncertainty, one thing is ceratin. Her Majesty's Government now has a new Prime Minister, David Cameron. And, for those who care about such matters, it is time to pay careful attention to the 'five lessons' that his own experience has taught him, his personal understandings of disability and how the state should respond:

Get wise, get real

'More research is needed'. That may well be the case, at all sorts of levels. But if you want decisions about Conductive Education at the political level, get wise and get real.

What is heeded is politics.

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