Monday, 17 May 2010

Encouragement to report

For me, and for you

Last Wednesday Conductive World reported on the recent CE Awareness Day held at the Ontario Legislature:

From March of Dimes Canada, Janet McMaster writes –

Hi Andrew,
Found your blog on the Conductive World site and was delighted to read your detailed review of our April 28th Conductive Education Awareness Day at Queen's Park, here in Toronto, Ontario. Really good coverage. Wondering how you found out about it?
I write from the Government Relations & Advocacy department here at the March of Dimes where Conductive Education makes its home. We were delighted with the outcome of our efforts. It would be good to keep in touch with what you're doing. Thanks for the press.
Best regards,
Janet Macmaster
Gov't Relations & Advocacy
March of Dimes Canada

Janet, I asked

I wish that more people would let me know more of what they have achieved or what they intend so that that I might share this more widely. As it is, usually they don't, and I cannot pass on what I do not know.

I am also left holding all sorts of information in my head picked up casually in conversations or emails. If the occasion arises and it seems important, then I ask for more information and corroboration but I usually do not have time. Frankly, I usually can't be bothered to be more proactive. Such matters then simply lift out of the record and for all I know that suits those involved. Sad.

What is 'news'?

It is pity that more things don't get chased up and made public. I like the definition that says 'news is what somebody doesn't want reported'. In a field like Conductive Education (and there certainly are fields just as information-hugging and outright paranoid as Conductive Education)  all sorts of nonsense and skull-duggery are kept under wraps. Most such matters ultimately fade away without anyone's ever knowing of them (a good enough measure of their actual importance in the first place) – or they drift ultimately into the public domain anyway, by which time their only significance may be that awareness had been withheld, a cover-up or a whitewash..

There is nothing underhand or secret about MODC's fun-day at the Ontario legislature, that was after all intended and treated as an awareness event!. It was worthwhile knowing about more widely, not just in Ontario but across Conductive Education worldwide, because such awareness helps others in CE to up their game. I knew that it had been held over, as this has been announced. So I asked.


As my informant on this did not indicate an active wish to be quoted personally, identity was withheld. I do not like not attributing, not least because CE should know who are the open, sharing people in its ranks, but I do know that organisations can be unpredictable and sometimes dangerous beasts, so my default rule in this respect: is no names, no pack drill.

So Janet, thank you for writing in. Do please let MODC know that its CE programs amount to much more than a hill of beans but that, at the same time, far too few people in Conductive Education know about them. They do, however, indicate a major disability service-provider's considerable commitment to a movement that has deplorably few such friends – not least across North America. This makes for a good debating point for others who advocate and argue for Conductive Education, wherever they might be, whether their concerns be for children or adults, services or training. So shout out what you do and what you have done in this respect, and what you should like to do, trumpet it from the rooftops. Please.

And that goes for everyone else!

A previous such missive

By no more than coincidence, almost exactly one year ago, I wrote –

Sutton, A. (2009) Become a stringer for Conductive World, Conductive World, 8 May

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