Monday, 31 May 2010

FortSchritt Rosenheim blickt optimistisch in die Zukunft!

At last – an active German CE-blog?

Fortschritt (the German for 'progress') is the generic name adopted by most German parent-run CE-centres. The Forschritt in the city of Rosenhaim is using blog technology as a means towards greater awareness of the progress that it is making. I have only just spotted this blog but it has in fact been going now since February:

This latest posting reads as follows.

Rosenheim Fortschritt looks to the future with optimism!
Rosenheim Fortschritt was founded five years ago now by the parents of physically disabled children. It supports the Sunshine Petö-kindergarten in Oberwöhr and outreach classes in Rohrdorf. At this year's annual meeting,the Board looked back on an eventful year.
After seven years' operation, complete renovation of the kindergarten has been necessary. It was carried out in the summer by the volunteer work of parents and staff of the kindergarten, and a new kitchen was built from donations. Enthusiastic students of Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences students built a disabled playground as part of their thesis. The public relations of recent years has paid off and there are significantly more applications for early intervention and kindergarten. The class in Rohrdorf has been enriched by new first-graders. A new ruling of the Federal Social Court in Autumn 2009 has reopened the possibility of conductive day-care places in the district of Upper Bavaria. The intention to help CE societies in Germany by being better recognised and give them a boost.
The highlight of the association's work last year was successful participation in the Rosenheim Business Plan Competition "Climbers". The management team came in at second place with 27 votes plans with with its plan for a new 'school for all', i.e. for disabled and non-disabled children. Work is now under way, the idea will become reality in the autumn 2011. The are still many hurdles hurdles to surpass but the Executive Board and parents are proceeding with great enthusiasm. Sponsors and a suitable building are currently being sought in Rosenheim district.
With this track record and continuing commitment, it was not surprising that all old board has been re-elected, unanimously. Particularly gratifying is that also Daniela Raab (Member of the Federal Parliament) is again again the Managing Committee's disposal.

Any corrections to this translation most welcome.

More on Fortschritt Rosenheim

Plea for further information

Is this really the only active CE-blog in the German language? Suirely not. What else is there out there?

Germany is a growingly important part of the world of Conductive Education, but most English-speakers have little awareness or, worse, distorted information about what goes on there. The Fortschritt parent-run organisations have been and remain the cutting edge of development of conductive services in Germany and are well worth watching.

Lessons to learn?

What lessons do the German (and the New Zealand and the Israeli) experiences offer less thriving contexts?

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  1. I see that the blog has now been discontinued.

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