Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Mystery solved

Step forward Rhoda E. S. Waiss

No mystery here. You can read more about Rhoda and her plans at:

Also see this article by Rhoda and Zsuzsi Borcsok:

Weiss, R. E. S., Borcsok, Z. I. (2008) Conductive Education: complicatus eliminatus, The Exceptional Parent, 1 September

More perhaps soon.

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  1. Thank You Andrew! I am always in support of anything that sheds a bright and positive light upon the darkness that sometimes accompanies parenthood that deals with the special needs of our incredible children!! I would like to offer a few comment points in update for your readers, of the info posted if that's okay...

    1) my current email is srtlwaiss@yahoo.com Please do not hesitate to contact me and/or ask to be put on an update list for the center

    2) The Banyan Institute mentioned in the author byline is NOT yet established. I have left comment with a detailed explanation and update as to the purposeful and ongoing delay at the end of the article link Andrew posted. I am confident that in due time, it will open bigger and better then we ever dreamed, this pause for proper planning is necessary to ensure that;-)

    3) I inadvertently rated this article a 1 myself as I am technically challenged and thought one had to color in the stars one by one starting on the left as if reading...

    NATURALLY, I think this article is a fantastic full 5 rating --- or I would not have wrote it, sought the technical input from ZB (listed as co-author of article for her input), and sought its official publication in such a prestigious publication as EP Magazine!:-)


    4) Find me on FACEBOOK (Rhoda E.S. Waiss in Sarasota) - it's the best way to stay in the loop!

    5) IF you are health minded, want to improve your health....and If you want to learn how you can do something for yourself AND in so doing actually contribute to the foundation of the center, contact me also at feelfabnow@yahoo.com

    The more people I help, the more people I meet, the closer it gets to becoming a reality:-)

    Live in Great Health & Joy!
    Rhoda Waiss