Friday, 7 May 2010

New boss, new website

New attitude?

Scope, formerly the Spastics Society, is a large non-profit organisation in England (turnover last year: £98 million) that was formed years ago by parents concerned that there were insufficient services for their children. Since then it has changed its name, expanded its focus from cerebral palsy to all disabilities, and moved its focus from pioneering services to advocating rights.

For the last three months it has had a new Head Wallah, interviewed recently by Jane Dudman in the Guardian newspaper.

He tells the paper that Scope is of the most well-known, most influential charities in the country, though without exemplification. He also mentions that up to two or three years ago the charity had gone through 'a colourful period' – again no details!

In fact, little substantive detail at all emerged from this interview. The series' concern is 'leadership'. On of two comments on the on-line issue of the Guardian pointed out that disability was not raised as an issue. The other  mentioned that families were also conspicuously absent.

And hardly surprisingly, nor did Conductive Education , which was occasion of some highly 'colourful' episodes.

Dudman, J. (2010) Leading questions: Richard Hawkes, Scope, Guardian, May

This posting will continue tomorrow with a gentle and long-overdue probing of where Scope stands on this latter matter.. Do come back.

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