Saturday, 15 May 2010

Norman can spot'em

Scoop worth following up on

­Norman Perrin comes up with some interesting, thoughtful stuff on his Paces blog, stuff that might not otherwise penetrate Conductive Education. Today's offering tells of the US-based online magazine Disability Scoop (strapline: 'the premier source of developmental disability news'):

Being American it very different from what would characteristically fall under the disability rubric in some other countries, particularly the UK – for a start, the United States unproblematically has special education to report. But although quite a bit of the magazine's content relates to US frameworks, much of it does not and has potentially worldwide interest. Disability Scoop certainly goes on my own current-awareness list.

Disability Scoop has been runnung since 2008 – it has never reported Conductive Education, and a quick visual inspection of its Forum finds no mention either. Missing a trick there...


Perrin, N, (2010) Can disability be sexy? Paces, 15 May

Norman picked this up in turn from a Tweet by Glenda Watson Hyatt:

Glenda Watson Hyatt

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