Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Pictures galore

More maybe than is good for us!

I have just learned about something called VoxSeek, a search engine with an ‘Image search’:

This is a search engine that finds images (or pictures ) on the Internet. It does so by searching some of the well known image systems, plus some that are total news to me. Google Images can do this same, but to use something other than Google is a refreshing change:

Being a sad soul, I entered “Conductive Education” – and got about 565.000 hits. They included a lot of children, quite a bit of fundraising, some meetings, and not a few logos. Some photos are just included in error. And there is an awful lot of wooden furniture!

As any newspaper or magazine editor will tell you, pictures are an important way – perhaps nowadays, a vital way – to communicate an impression. Already mentioned elsewhere on Conductive World are the ways in which still photographs can mislead when it comes to depicting movement and its disorder, and the unfortunate poses and practices that so many snaps of CE portray.

But how do you communicate Conductive Education through still photographs? Here are some half million pix to sort through in your search for an answer!

Please let us all know when you come up with the principled answer...

Great fun, with serious possibilities, included in which is the possibility of coming across all sorts of websites that might remain otherwise buried with in the great compost heap of Cyberspace.

Not just in English...

I have a few minutes waiting to see a student, so I have fed in a few phrases in random European languages, coming up with the following numbers of hits –

konduktív pedagógia – 22
Pető Intézet – about a thousand
konduktiv pedagogik – 26
konduktiv pedagogikk – 2
l’education conductive – 74
educação condutiva – 13
konduktive Förderung – 561

Is it imagination, or are ‘European’ pictures a bit more varied?

A knock at the door... I must get on

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  1. An idea occurred in my mind when I read your last blog . First, I thought this might be a nice exercise for CE students: at the end of each year of CE studies, they should search in the Internet, for an image which describes best what 'conductive upbringing' is, and to explain their choice. They should not be asked to design an image but find a ready- made one from any source or category. It could be of interest to see and compare their choices from year to year.
    Than I thought to myself 'why only students?' and than another idea occured in my mind, but I can't share it yet with your readers. A kind of a surprise I guess, but not for long...I promise!