Sunday, 23 May 2010

Right-on balderdash

Snake oil for the mind

Behaviour and the brain
Age range: 0 – 4 / 5+
Half-day or one-day course

“It was more in depth than I thought it would be – I was fascinated. Very enjoyable.”

Many hard to change behaviours may have a neurological cause. The only way to change and maintain behaviour will be through managing the environment and changing the way we set up play and learning tasks. The way children behave can be influenced by the way the brain works. Sometimes behaviour is hard to change even when we do all the right things. This session looks at how the brain can influence behaviour and how, if we understand the difficulties, it makes it easier for us to work with children with behavioural needs. Participants will:
  • recognise how the impact in the brain affects its development
  • learn how these changes commonly affect behaviour
  • know more about what these behaviours look like
  • be able to use ways in which we can begin to address these behaviours
The whole day course enables participants to discuss individual needs and begin to problem solve as a group. For more information or to discuss individual training requirements please or call the Training Co-ordinator on 02920 662405

Confused? There is also a diagram!

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