Saturday, 8 May 2010

Workshops and study tours

World Congress add-ons

SAHK has published supplementary details of addition programmes available to Congress-goers in December:
  • day study tours (SAHK facilities, in Hong Kong)
  • two- to five-day study tours of facilities on the Mainland and Macao (People's Republic of China)
  • pre- and post-Congress workshops
One that I prepared earlier

I was invited to present one of the pre-Congress workshops, and asked to propose a topic which, I am pleased to report, the organisers accepted –

Researching Conductive Education: past and future

The past

The defining characteristics of CE research to date have been twofold:
  • it has been restricted largely to outcome evaluations within a particular paradigm
  • these have consistently failed to identify advantage for CE
The result is an extraordinary contradiction:
  • those who have experienced CE have persistently reported it to be the best thing ever
  • it remains 'scientifically unproven'
Fault for the latter is not necessarily that of CE but arises from the nature of 'the research' so far undertaken. Continuing to follow the same paradigm will evoke the same conclusions.

The future

Disability is dynamic, developmental, transactional, psycho-social, human, emotional, dialectical, socio- and cultural-historical, 'holistic'…

CE matches this. So should research, into both. Creating a matching approach for scholarly enquiry into CE would have wider applicability to other fields. What might this entail?

Further details

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