Wednesday, 5 May 2010

There's a kind of hush...

All over the world...

Over the world of Conductive Education, anyway. I am not the only one to have noticed. Increasingly over he last few weeks people have been asking 'What's happening?', to which the answer has had to be: 'Nothing much'.

If course people continue to provide services, and others continue to receive them. Given the time of year, people are also looking for where they will be working and where they will be finding their services after the summer holidays. And all the time, there is the persisting question 'But where will the money come from?'

So, what's is the public domain.? None of this is really news: 'Routine Ma'am, just routine'. All that bubbles to the surface is a tiny trickle of little, local news stories, hard work, great achievements perhaps for those directly involved, but neither destined nor intended to change the world. No big ideas, no big projects, no big intentions, not even anything mildly ironical!

The world itself shudders along its present crazy path but there is nothing correspondingly Earth-shattering within the Conductive Education teacup. What is this: exhaustion, the calm before the storm – or the smiling uplands at last, to which we all aspire as the well-earned and just reward for all our long labours?

A couple of allusions

Writing this posting brought to mind Herman's Hermits' rather sucrous song from 1967. This gave me a convenient title but it hardly offers the appropriate explanation for the present hush in the world of Conductive Education –

Change a few words and go further back still, to the close of the nineteenth century, and you get another hush, a breathless one this time (though some quote it as 'deathly'). I suspect that few who are not from England or one of the other cricket-playing nations may understand this verse, and perhaps not all those who are –

In America they call it 'the right stuff '. Let's hope that it is there incubating right now in Conductive Education, ready to emerge out of the present hush.

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