Tuesday, 18 May 2010

A vlog

Cerebral palsy, not Conductive Education...
None the less instructive for that

Another terrific parental video from the United States:

(2009) Zachary’s Cerebral Palsy – Effects and Therapies,18 May

And just as fascinating, the comments that have been written to this – really, advanced societies should be thoroughly ashamed of their institutions for abandoning parents (and therapists too) to such a state of confusion.

Unless I am missing something I could not find a means of identifying or contacting this family. If I still had the resources I would be sending him a copy of Dina – why has nobody had the knowledge or the nous to have told him about this already? As it is, I do so hope that he finds this posting and gets a copy for himself.

Good luck to this family anyway. Perhaps they will meet someone able to help them develop their care and their intuition into a focussed conductive upbringing, and protect them from the Siren calls of all the 'therapies' under the sun.


Ákos, K., Ákos, M. Dina: a mother practises Conductive Education (Pető System), Birmingham, Foundation for Conductive Education, and Ulm, Alabanda Verlag


  1. Andrew, if you want to contact this family you could always leave a comment on their blog. It is called called Nate Dog's Blog:


  2. Here is another film for you. I think from the same family.



  3. Andrew,
    you've contacted this family before. Both the father and the mother have blogs, and you previously mentioned her blog here and you also left comments on her blog: massagermommy.blogspot.com

  4. http://www.conductive-world.info/2010/03/it-is-all-going-so-terribly-wrong.html