Tuesday, 11 May 2010

What do they do in schools?

I have no idea. Does anyone?

‘PD Net’ is an English on-line information/self-help forum for teachers etc. whose work brings them into contact with children with physical disabilities.

Being registered there, this morning I received the following circular email –

Dear All,
We have recently had the go - ahead to employ a specialist teacher to work half a day a week in a school with a child with complex needs (quadriplegia, uses AAC etc). This is the first time we will have done this in the county and I wondered if anyone had any Job Spec / Job Description which we could have a look at to get us started please?
Thank you in anticipation.
Jenny Woolf
Advisory Teacher, Physical Difficulties Team
Support and Advisory Teachers
Devon Learning and Development Partnership
Kennicott Lodge, Ashburton Road, TOTNES, TQ9 5JY
01803 863106
The Devon Learning and Development Partnership (LDP) provides improvement and inclusion services for schools, settings and organisations locally and nationally.

Hardly specific and, at a fundamental level, I wonder what are the goals for this scheme. Most of all I wonder at the order of doing things.
  • First, declare a need for something, and identify the money to pay for this
  • Then, er... ask what the scheme might actually do.

The United Kingdom is steaming full tilt through potentially lethal economics waters, with nobody on the bridge (nobody as I write this, though it could get very crowded up there!).

Until the inevitable happens, best of luck to Devon County Council in finding a ‘specialist teacher’ with relevant training, and in hanging on to the money to pay for this.

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