Tuesday, 11 May 2010

wii... and the WF

Trouble up t’mill

No news for ages about the Pető Institute, then two items come along at once.

Time was when the ‘world famous Pető Institute’, as it has so often referred to itself, was frequently in the news. In recent years however, one hears of it rather less, so today’s arrival of two news items within less than an hour is quite a change.

A patchwark potted story

EzineArticles.com is one of those online compilations by ‘expert authors’.

Its article on the Pető Institute looks a bit of a cut-and-paste job from the Internet, rather than first-hand reporting or original analysis. No sources are given.

Rozsahegyi, T. (2010) Wii-fever and children with disabilities, Ezine Articles, 8 May

The wii-work in the headline gets scant attention but there is link to a video on wii at the Peto Institute:

Trouble in Paradise

Első és mindeddig egyetlen szellemi hungarikumunk a Pető-módszer, a konduktív pedagógia. A világ ismeri és elismeri, jönnek sok országból, hogy gyógyuljanak általa, tanuljanak belőle. A Nemzetközi Pető Intézet mégis komoly nehézségekkel küz.

Susie Mallett has just texted me from Germany to tell that she has picked up a copy of April’s edition of the Hungarian woman’s magazine Nők Lapja, carrying a big feature on the Pető Institute.

As might be expected, the magazine has a most lavish website. Be careful when you go into it. It is so lavish that you might find that it fills your computer. It might help to close down all other screnes before you click on the link to the page:

The article by Emese Hulej is called A világhírű Pető Intézet gondjai (‘Trouble at the world-famous Pető Institute’). It offers nice pictures and some nice accounts of people and the work.

The final section, though,  is called Pénz, pénz és pénz... {'Money, money, and money...’). There just isn’t enough of it.

It all seems a very, very long way from the crazy doctor described in a box at the end of the article...

Hulej, E. (2010) A világhírű Pető Intézet gondjai, Nők Lapja Cafe, 9 April

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