Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Abandoned by its crew

But no harmless Marie Celeste

Drifting aimlessly in Cyberspace, abandoned by its crew and its legitimate passengers, is the elaborate American website Conductive Education Communications Center. Its was planned with high hopes but seemingly little knowledgeable advice, it launched late and never really got under way, setting of with unjustifiable hope invested in active audience participation and a commercial income stream, and to much reliance upon automatic systems.

Now its creators and original supportes have left it to float aimlessly as cyber-junk, presumably till its URL expires and its sinks to the Davey Jones locker of the Wayback Machine .

This is no empty present-day Marie Celeste, however, but a real danger to shipping. Innocents searching for information on Conductive Education through Google and other search engines may soon run into it and clamber aboard to explore. If they do they will find parts of the wreck now occupied by uninvited guests. They will find its Discussion Forum overrun with pornography, gambling and dodgy pharmaceuticals.

Today Google Alerts delivered me, not uniquely I now know, an automated notification, inviting me aboard. Wondering whether the site was active again I went and looked. I have enough trouble with my computer without the effects of whatever it might have picked up from this visit before I realised what was happening and abandoned ship, p.d.q.

Conductive Education does not need this sort of public awareness campaign!.

Someone should deliver this wreck a coup de grace and and give it an immediate, decent burial. Since this is an American site, perhaps here is a job for ACENA.


  1. Really enjoyed this piece Andrew. Gave me a chuckle.

  2. Thanks, Norman. I begin to realise that a chuckle is the best way at looking at lots of things/activities/people/institutions in Conductive Education.



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