Friday, 25 June 2010

Angol ruha – by the kilogram

Hungarians do it differently

Original, successful business model from Hungary:

(The site also includes some links to 'ostalgia' items by Sam Margolis, the same photo-journalist as wrote this story.)

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  1. There are several items still in my wardrobe from the "kilo bolt".

    The last were purchased in 2008 at the Pest end of the Szabadszág Híd. What I bought then, at an incredibly cheap price, were not English but expensive German and French clothes.
    I did not buy these by the the kilo as I would not have had enough space in my suitcase.

    The shops in the centre of Budapest are geared up for tourists and offer indiividually priced items.

    A nice trip down memory lane . Thank you.