Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Arrivederci, Italia

 Hello again England, wonderful to be back

You know that you are back in England when you wake up the next morning and the weather report on the radio starts –

It's going to be a wonderful day for the garden

This does not mean that it will be nice to sit outside but that there will be a steady, unremitting drench all day, perhaps with the occasional thunderstorm. The man was right, there was. And more tomorrow possibly.

Here comes summer

And the sea-change in the national mood, already discernible before I went away, is now most apparent. Today talk is of a new Government body to examine look at all public expenditure and come to radical proposals about what should continue, and what not. The jolly thing about this is that anyone can put forward argued proposals.

Over the next few months it will be time to return some old 'favours' and wonder what services and activities one might argue could be discontinued henceforth without any great loss to human well-being.

It is all rather creepy of course, as soon as one starts thinking this way, a bit like denunciations to the secret police in a totalitarian state. I do hope that here in the UK it will all be done in the best possible taste, openly ahd transparently too.

Frequent mention is being made of 'the Canadian model', meaning Jean Chrétien's 'bloodbath budget' of 1994 and the orientation that has followed there..

Perhaps on this basis on a relatively recent precedent from Ontario, an early candidate for critical examination might be 'community physiotherapy services'.

Then to even up the health-education balance, we have the whole of 'statementing' (including educational psychologists).

It is going to be a wonderful summer, for those of us with little to lose but our free bus passes! And we might lose them too.

etc., etc., etc...

And Conductive Education?

Here is an astute organisation in a related field, already marketing its own, long-established approach in these terms...


It might be astute for CE too to think of the advantages of its unidisciplinary approach in these austere times and, if for no other reason than that, reconsider inclinations to pin its colours to 'multidisciplinary' masts.

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