Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Bonfire of the regulations

UK makes start

Tiresome bureaucracy

The new UK Government's promised 'bonfire of the regulations' has begun. It is going to be a long slow process but will have some positive benefit for those concerned with running and working in services for 'children and vulnerable adults' – and that included Conductive Education.

Just announced is a scaling-back of the child-protection' vetting procedures' for staff and volunteers:

Greenwood,, C. (2010) Vetting scheme 'to return to common-sense levels' Independent, 15 June

Already in train is a review of 'health and safety', for example:

Lepper, J. (2010)Health and safety review to address curbs on play, Independent, 14 June

The big one

Only a little while now till the promised review of 'special educational needs'.
  • The good news is that it will be possible to make submissions (and that means you).
  • The bad news is that most people will not bother (though by not doing so they will still be responsible for the outcome).
  • The fear must be that its outcome will not be radical enough – leaving Conductive Education much where is is today, on the fringes (NB this is a political matter – and nothing to do with 'research'!).

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