Wednesday, 16 June 2010

A career in Korea

(And another in Peru)

One of the nice things about Google Alerts is that it not only scours Cyberspace for all sorts of interesting facts and ideas, it also digs out nice people whom one has known in the past. This evening it came up with this story – and Mike Bae. And this reminded me of another...

Bae Sangeok (2010) 준현이의 영국 적응기, Cowalk News, 15 June

No, this is not Chinese, but Korean

Mike came to England from South Korea with his wife and son, who has cerebral palsy, three years ago to study to be a conductor at the National Institute of Conductive Education.

This feature article tells a little of his life and adjustment in Birmingham, England, during this transitional period in his life.

Mike has been the second Korean student-conductor at NICE. The first was Susanna Woo, who graduated in 2002 and works with disabled children and their families in Peru. Mike intends to return to South Korea and start up Conductive Education there.

Good on you Mike and Susanna, two very remarkable people.


Woo, S, (2009) The nun's tale, in G. Maguire and A. Sutton (eds.) Just do it! Young conductors in their new world, Birmingham, Conductive Education Press, pp.35-38

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