Friday, 4 June 2010

Conductor-supply in North America

A statement from ACENA
Dave Dvorak writes to put ACENA's position on record...

June 4, 2010
The ACENA organization recognizes member Robert Kurz for his pioneering work in trying to assist a Public School District in the State of Maryland utilize Conductor-Teachers within the Special Education Program. Unfortunately the outcome all of us in CE-land were expecting did not occur. And quite frankly all of us in CE-land should be disheartened by this turn of events. As the representative professional organization, ACENA has shared job openings on the website for any program submitting them and has written supportive letters for programs trying to obtain funding, program status, state-wide acceptance, visa support, etc. Unfortunately as we might suspect, no organization can require Conductor-Teachers to accept any position at a local or specific program level.
Along with and the help of the rest of the CE community, ACENA wants to address the current problem of not having enough Conductor-Teachers available to North American programs. This will require all of us working together on a systematic approach in analyzing the facts surrounding this issue, create thoughtful and world-ranging possible solutions and then execute a widely supported Plan of Action. This won’t be easy and we won’t complete this in a couple of months.
While an all volunteer organization, ACENA has already been successful in presenting continuous annual conferences, preparing immediately usable materials, executing the first North American CE Awareness Day, and much more. The organization has obviously made a positive difference because of the collective involvement of CE practitioners and administrators in North America. Now more than ever before, many individuals, CE programs, college/university Conductor-Teacher training programs, professional associations, and others will need to work together to address this problem.
Dave Dvorak PhD
President of ACENA

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