Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Has the Bomb dropped?

Am I a last survivor?
Where has everyone gone?
Should I be out with a club, seeking the New Eve?

...and some good-stock mitochondrial DNA?

Such existential questions and more might be provoked by the empty map above! Fret not. The reality is far less Apocalyptic.

I had a Trojan virus yesterday that, inter alia, blocked the operation of my own world map (it did my head in, too!). So, no dots, no apparent visitors, no apparent views!

Back to normal now, I hope

Double-click on the map for today's dots etc. (at some US time). They seem to be coming again, in which case the map will be back to normal in 24 hours from now.

Maybe too this means that the virus is done for.


Fear not, you can't catch anything from Blogger.


  1. Andrew,

    I do not think your Trojan was the cause of the disappearing dots unless he was doing the rounds!

    I had noticed my visitors list had disappeared early this morning and I checked out a few more maps including most of those on sites listed on the side of your blog and in all cases the lists of visitors were absent.

    Mine is still not back to normal this evening and as far as I could see on my recent checks neither are the others. I assume from this that it must be Blogger with a problem. Perhaps your Trojan was much friendlier than you thought.


  2. Thanks for telling me that. I should have spotted it for myself.

    Or maybe it has dropped. I would be the last to notice!