Monday, 28 June 2010

More research is needed.

But just like this?

Monday again, so here through the email comes the weekly collection of abstracts of academic articles on cerebral palsy from (largely medical) journals. If you would like to receive a copy of this free information-update for yourself, then sign on at:

This weekly email is just one of the activities of the Cerebral Palsy Institute which is an arm of the Spastic Society of New South Wales. If you did not do British Imperial geography at school,New South Wales is a state within the Commonwealth of Australia (the bit with Sidney in it). I mention this because this weekly research bulletin is just a part of an ambitious range of activities of national and global span – all this part of a parent-initiated association within a single locality.

Each week this listing reflects a very medical view of what constitutes the essence of the cerebral palsies – and correspondingly, one presumes, in understanding how one might intervene on behalf of individuals and their families.

Week after week, it also illustrates some of the shortfalls of the worldwide medical-research effort when it stretches out to non-medical, human issues.

I could remark on common factors apparent within some of these abstracts but, No, those who read Conductive World are consenting adults. If they care about the medicalisation of human problems and, to use a medical term, its possible socially iatrogenic effects, let them scan this bulletin for themselves for a few weeks, and come to their own judgements.

If you wish to do this, go to the URL provided above, sign up and wait for your first bulletin.

I wonder how much longer now I shall continue this exercise, looking for things of human value. Ah Luriya, whatever happened to Romantic Science?

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