Saturday, 12 June 2010

The Movement Centre of Manitoba Video İzle

İzle? What's İzle?

It's the Turkish for 'Watch...'

A sign of the times, in more than one respect:
  • awareness of Conductive Education in its various forms is creeping steadily across the world (remember here that Turkish is not just spoken in Turkey, it is understood across the 'Stans') 
  • video, direct to consumers, is the medium,but now delivers with much grater ease, through the Internet(just think of the impact of Standing up for Joe had there been Internet in 1986!)
  • such use of general-interest videos to capture hits for commercial advertisements is common now on the internet and this is far from the first example using shots of Conductive Education (I wonder whether permission is ever sought)
  • 'going viral' in this way is a great boost for CE awareness, especially when – such as in this case – it is quite a good video (but there is some dreadful video material now floating around, so this could be as much a source of harm as of benefit for Conductive Education – as ever, it's a free world and there can be no control).

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  1. For reasons that I do not fathom I cannot open the Manitoba video from this site, nor any of the other CE videos linked to on that page, and my Turkish is hardly up to helping here!

    If you would like to watch the Manitoba video, then you will find it at: