Thursday, 10 June 2010

No conductors, no 'Conductive Education'

Not even a 'motor disorder'
Certainly, no funny furniture
No 'assessment'
No barmy boffins, either

A father and a family...

The enormous, transormative power of upbringing, from the 'intelligent love' (Mária Hári) of those whom Jo Lebeer has termed 'crazy parents' – he is entitled, he is one.

Enough resarch questions there to last a lifetime! Psycho-pedagogic ones.

More on Patrick Henry Hughes

Actually, quite a lot, but unsatisfying.

A lot on YouTube:

A book (nice title: I am potential):

Even an entry in Wikipedia:

But, as far as I can see, no real attention or account of what went on to achieve this extraordinarily transformative upbringing. No research. Wasted opportunity.

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  1. What a wonderful clip to share with us Andrew. Patrick is perfect…watching him gave me more inspiration and joy than most of the people I know.
    Thank you. Judit