Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Più in particolare, a San Gimignano

E la storia di Pinocchio

The town of San Giminignano (pronounced, for English-speakers, 'San Jimmy Nyano') is nowadays deservedly best known for being exceedingly twee.

A pervasive image in the town's many souvenire shops is the little red puppet figure of Pinocchio, from the story of the poor puppet-maker Gepetto and his ingenious solution to the problem of his childless marriage.

And what might this have to do with Conductive Education? Well,  this tale, or rather distant childhood memories of its saccharine Walt Disney animation, sparks a chain of thought around the particular meaning that has attached to the English-language term 'Conductive Education' that, at its best, represents something more than either the original Hungarian 'conductive pedagogy' or 'conductive upbringing' – or the two combined..

More anon...

Meanwhile, here's a clue:

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