Friday, 25 June 2010

Spending Challenge

'Help us get more for less' – HMG

If you work in the public services in the United Kingdom then you should have by now received your personal letter from David Cameron, the Prime Minister.

Public-sector workers are being given first bite at answering Her Majesty's Government's call for suggestions for making significant economies in existing ways of running public services. After 8 July this will be thrown open to us all. This is what the people in the public services are being asked –

The Spending Challenge is your chance to shape the way government works, and help us get more for less as we try to bring down the deficit. It’s open initially to people who work in our public sector.

This week’s Budget set out a 25 per cent cut in spending for most departments over four years. Now, we want you to help us find those savings so we can cut public spending in a way that is fair and responsible. You work on the frontline of public services. You know where things are working well, where the waste is, and where we can re-think things so that we get better services for less money.

Your idea

Share your idea with us. Either one you’ve been thinking about for a while, an idea you’ve had in response to this challenge, or something you’ve worked up with your colleagues. Your idea could be small-scale, but quick and easy to put into action. It could be more radical, involving significant changes to where and how government works. Either way, please be as specific as you can. We may come back to you to to discuss the idea with you in more detail.

You can submit your idea anonymously, if you like. Individual ideas won’t appear online, but every submission will be looked at in the way set out in the ‘What happens now’ section below. The website is open until July 8th, after which the process will be opened up to the wider public.

When you make your contribution, you need to be mindful of your obligations under your organisation’s Code(s) of Conduct

His question is a a simple one –

Q: How can we rethink services to deliver more for less?

Fill in the form below with a summary of your idea in fewer than 500 words. You don't have to include your department or organisation, but if you do, we will be better able to judge your idea.

Don't sit around. Just do it!

What happens next?

Every single idea will be considered and the best ones taken forward by departments, the Treasury and the Cabinet Office. The steps are as follows:

1.   All ideas considered by cross-government team

2.   Serious ideas go to 'champions' team in Cabinet Office/Treasury

3.   Most promising ideas sent to departments and Treasury spending teams to be worked up

4.   Selected ideas reviewed by Ministers

5.   Spending Review announced October 20th

The PM emphasises –

Don’t hold back. Be innovative, be radical, challenge the way things are done. If you think you can make things better for less money don’t just complain to your colleagues about it – tell us about it so we can make it happen

What will YOU do about it?

Here is an unprecedented chance for people involved with Conductive Education in the United Kingdom to submit suggestions that might smooth their way under the coming new order. This is not a poll or an opinion survey, individual submissions will be searched, on the basis of their inherent potential to increase efficiency and cutting cost, for anything that might help trim the system

The Government is not going to sit around while you debate and discuss, it wants to hear, consider and act pretty damn quick. Perhaps you might like to start thinking of your five-hundred words now.

Remember –

Your idea could be small-scale, but quick and easy to put into action. It could be more radical, involving significant changes to where and how government works

My own first thoughts turn immediately to the process of statementing for special educational needs.  Maybe aspects of Surestart too. Any other suggestions?

Website (including video)

Further details

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