Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Starting new services

Editing a book

I spent a couple of hours yesterday afternoon editing.

I am not a brilliant editor, this through combination of a lack of formal skills and poor cognitive powers. I do enjoy doing it, however and really ought to be doing a lot more. Unfortunately, editing is a task that requires stretches of uninterrupted concentration, a commodity not readily to hand. Here in Tuscany, however, I can snatch enough to complete this present job before I go back.

This particular job is one of the next books to be published by Conductive Education Press. This book is a collection of. fifteen articles published over the years in the journal RACE (Recent Advances in Conductive Education). RACE covered a wide range of issues within and around Conductive Education. These fifteen articles have in common that they are accounts of establishing a practice, service, centre or program, usually with minimal resources other than the authors' own determination and hard work.

The twenty-two authors are parents, conductors and others. Their theatres of operation involved nine countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Israel, Kuwait, Mexico, Noway, the United Kingdom and the United States, and the work described spans the period from the late nineteen-eighties to the early years of this century. The focus is mainly, though not entirely upon provision for children and their families.

The editing task this week is not onerous. In its early years RACE was fairly rough and ready but all the articles received a degree of editing before they were published. Now the job is to bring them all up to the Hart's Rules standards aspired to in its final period – while at the same time taking care to maintain the 'voice' of the original writers and to ensure that the whole coheres to create what might be expected within a single volume,.

This is no cook-book for what to do to establish a Conductive Education project. There is no single way, no single outcome. Perhaps this very diversity is a vital part of the wider narrative of which these reports are a part.

Gill Maguire, Elliott Clifton and I hope that this book (still untitled) will be published over the course of the summer.

Having 'done' three chapters yesterday afternoon I went and looked at what people are writing about the saga of Sixten's Foundation, both here on Conductive World and over on Facebook – an interesting and thought-provoking juxtaposition.

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