Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Talk, talk, talk

Broadening discussion in Conductive Education

Yesterday Rony Schenker guested on Conductive World to lay down a challenge – to conductors and to members of  other groups in Conductive Education – to utilise the extraordinary facility of blogs as a means to extend the communication so patently lacking within the sector:

She is not suggesting that people necessarily start their own blogs (though more CE-bloggers would be very welcome). She acknowledges that blogging might require time and responsibilities that not everyone wants or might be willing to take. Rather, she urges that people take advantage of the blogs already running to express their own views, share their own experiences.


All proper blogs have a facility at the end of each posting for readers to post their own comments on what they have seen there. If you wish to see how short and lively such immediate responses might be, have a look at some of the host of blogs by the (largely American) parents, largely mothers, of disabled children.

You can usually post your comment anonymously, or with a pseudonym, should you wish.

If you cannot manage to post your comment directly for some reason, the email to ask the owner of the blog to post your comment for you.

Or you might be ably to do what Rony did – ask the blog-owner to host you as a guest.


Conductive World is not the only CE-blog in the blogoshere, far from it. You can find a growing list of CE blogs in the column at the left-hand side of this page. The three most active at the moment are those of Norman Perrin, Gill Maguire and Susie Mallett, all very different in presentation, style and specific content.

At the moment there are active discussions under way on two of these –

A discussion leading from Bob Dylan to the nature of conductors' professional art

A discussion around the ICF, and the historical crisis of paediatrics.

But, as Rony indicated yesterday, these discussions reflect the views of a restricted number of familiar people. How much more enriching if a more people would join in.


  1. This is a email I received this morning from Ida Igra, an active Israeli conductors:
    I have no idea why I don't success to send my comment to your letter. The blog throws me out. Anyway, my comment is:

    Rony, you are so right... Any exuse won't help! As we invest time and effort in other important things, we must invest time and effort, even a little bit, in development of conductive community in every possible way, including comments and writing. We should start to translate our desire into action...
    Thank you, Rony, for your letter and for your support.
    Thank you, Andrew, for your blog, which every day provides us new material thought.
    Ida Igra, "Tsad Kadima", Israel

  2. ...and this is what Gill Mcguire wrote to me:
    "The CE World is very small compared to other professions and this effects such participation. There are less people, and only a proportion of these willing and able to stand up, put themselves in the firing line, and allow the majority to stay quiet and just get on with things. The percentages of two such groups are probably the same in other professions as in CE, but CE has less members and the difference is more noticeable. CE needs more vocal, dedicated, sharing people who want to take CE forward.

    Having said that, getting people in the CE World to participate has always been difficult at all levels.

    I think some of the reasons could be:

    Some only want to be conductors practising their profession and are happy with that, not interested in being involved in the wider issues etc

    Too busy, no time. Some feel that their 'own' time is not for such purposes.

    Too scared to commit themselves, and frightened of any possible backlash from other conductors or their employers.

    No confidence in their opinions or language skills, or ability to express themselves.
    It took me a long time to feel confident about writing my blog - and that is merely factual reporting in the main! It is hard to make public your activities, thoughts etc

    Even the possibility of writing annonymously doesn't encourage participation.

    Perhaps we should keep encouraging those we speak to regularly to join in, and above all share.

    I wonder how many conductors will be at the Congress, and how many of those will not be divided into 'select' groups that 'keep to their own agendas' and do not communicate with others?

    Let's hope the Congress may prove to be a catalyst for starting a new open cooperation for CE.

  3. Not a sliver of doubt; this is true. "Blogging" used to seem to me to be a silly internet hobby of those who had spare time and nothing better to do. For some, this is perhaps true; but in this small, struggling world of CE there is no better way to be encouraged than blogging. Reason? There is a powerful assumption that we are alone in our efforts, that nobody cares, and worst of all - that conductive education will never 'catch on' where I live. This also is true, IF ONE GIVES UP. To gain any momentum, there must be a confluence of 3 things, as I see it.
    1. Grass roots movement: some parents who insist on providing some CE for their kids.
    2. Generosity: a willingness, an almost obsessive desire to find others who could benefit and share it with them.
    3. Global interconnections:which is impossible without blogging. This upcoming conference in Hong Kong? Looks great! I'd love to go, but with my boy the way he is and the lengths our family goes to? And the fact that I do have a full-time job, and won't be changing that anytime soon? Ha!! Hong Kong and its difficult prices for the conference might as well be occurring on the moon. BUT, because of blogging, and Andrew's insistence, Susie's help, Norman's encouragement: well, the biggest and best thing I have been dreaming of for ten years is happening this Fall. A conductor is moving here. BLOGGING makes a huge difference, even if you're only reading. People need to know. They need reassurance that they're not alone, that they're not crazy, that this can and does and IS happening. Zsipp Zsupp!