Sunday, 20 June 2010

Who is Linda Hua?

What might she tell about Conductive Education?

Linda Hua is a website for those who are looking for an information service that is rather harder to use than Google or the other search engines, and infinitely less useful.

Linda Hua is now on Conductive Education's case. Google Alerts spotted her and informed as follows

Conductive Education.  Linda Hua Answers
Looking for answers regarding conductive education ... for details on a number of particular missions ranging anywhere from education to home to religion and ...

Following the link, and without asking further, I found all sorts of serendippity information. Here for example is an unusual specialist service of a sort that I did not know that I might ever need:

TCS Exhumation Services
Crypt & Cemetery Clearance Services Professionally and sensitively

Well, I certainly know where quite a few of Conductive Education's bodies are buried and maybe one day I shall consider digging them up. I doubt, though, that I shall need specialist help.

And as an aside, I have seen CE lumped in with some very strange bedfellows, not all of them even  'therapies', but this one is surely an all-star.
What I could not find on Linda Hua's site, however, was anything on Conductive Education. Perhaps I was insufficiently attentive, or too impatient – or too easily distracted.

If anyone can take this further I should be interested to learn what Ms Hua says.

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