Monday, 12 July 2010

$35,000 grant for new US program

Therapy rubric

The Therapy Place, Inc.
“Conductive Education for Independence and Injury Prevention”
The Therapy Place will provide Conductive Education to minimum of twenty children, as referred through partnerships with Palmetto Pediatrics and Bright Start. Conductive Education is an innovative and intensive therapy combining physical and occupational therapy techniques with educational methods to help children with motor disorders gain independence through mobility, social skills and daily living skills. Student aides from USC’s Perceptual Motor Development Lab will be assigned to assist the special needs child, learning the skills first-hand from the Lead Conductor of the program. In addition, a resource library will be available on-site to families in partnership with Family Connection.


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  1. What an amazing contrast with how I understand my work.

    I'm with Tsad Kadima, under the strong rubric of upbringing!