Thursday, 22 July 2010

CE administrators again

Not CE's only marginal group

Taken for granted within Conductive Education, marginal, lacking coherent identity or audible voice, not a a matter for explicit consideration, of low priority compared with other elements that go to ensure the continuance of the worldwide Conductive Movement... I wonder whether just one 'administrator' will even see these words.

Yet this week Iris Conductive Education in Auckland, New Zealand has been putting considerable effort and presumably expense into advertising to find the right person to serve as one:

And today Conductive Education of Dallas, Texas, lends its name to the cause of their affordable training:

Just a coincidence, but a happy one in drawing attention to an important sub-sector.

Who are they, what do they do, what are they worth...?

One wonders whether there will be a single presentation, oral or visual, about administering Conductive Education centres and programs at the World Congress in Hong Kong this December, or will everyone else be just taking them for granted (as usual)?

Administrators are not of course the only 'invisible' group, without whom in many cases little might be possible – assistants (variously termed) spring immediately to mind – also with little or no voice at the table of the mighty.

Previously mentions

Administrators have been mentioned but once on Conductive World (shame):

Assistants have fared rather better. Here is what a quick search brings up:

Looks quite a lo but it is all about assistants, nothing from arising assistants themselves.

Most disenfranchising. Typical.

And what about all those hundreds and hundreds, some paid but most of them volunteers, who raise so much of the money that keeps the whole show on the road... Isn't everybody else lucky?

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