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Center for Conductive Education and Cerebral Palsy Studies

Major development by Tsad Kadima in Israel

The Center of Conductive Education and Cerebral Palsy Studies opens its gates on 1 September, to provide for the first time an Israeli three-year course towards a Conductor Diploma.
The course is under the auspices of the Israeli Ministry of Education, with the collaboration of the Levinsky College of Education in Tel-Aviv and the Pető Institute in Budapest.
Nine graduates of Special Education (BEd/BA) have enrolled in the first intake of students.
Up till now, more than seventy Israeli conductors have qualified through through the Pető Institute in a variety of of collaborative arrangements with Tsad Kadima..
For Tsad Kadima this is another step forward in the assimilation of Conductive Education in Israel.
Tsad Kadima thanks all those partners who have carefully accompanied the process, encouraged and approved it.

Further information

This runs something as follows –

This course is sponsored by the Ministry of Education Special Education Division, in conjunction with Tsad Kadima, the Levinsky College of Education and the International Pető Institute, Budapest, Hungary.
The programme
Special education teachers will specialise as conductors to work with cerebral palsy and with limited motor skills.
A conductor is a special education teacher specialising in .Conductive Education' for cerebral palsy, drawing expertise from the theory of Conductive Education and bodies of knowledge from the educational, rehabilitative, therapeutic and medical fields. The conductor's practice offers those with cerebral palsy an integrated developmental environment for optimal learning, personal development and functional integration.
The program comprises three years' academic courses of study, to include practical experience combined with broad theoretical understanding. Studies include an exciting variety of courses in such fields of knowledge as the theory of Conductive Education, medicine and rehabilitation, and psychology. Theoretical and applied learning will be completed by acquiring on-the-job skills....
The programme's instructors are professionals, experts and academics from Israel and abroad. Teaching methods include lectures, observations, workshops, and personal training experience.
Successful completion of the course will confer the certificate of Rehabilitation Educator.
Among subjects studied
• guide to educational theory
◦ History, basic concepts and principles
◦ the Conductive Education environment
◦ guidance and leadership
◦ evaluation and documentation
• biology, medicine
◦ neuro-anatomy, anatomy
◦ cerebral palsy and related defects
◦ medical issues in people with cerebral palsy
• rehabilitation
◦ [something beyond my translation skills!]
◦ assistive technology devices
◦ health professions
• psychology
◦ life-span developmental psychology of the people with paralyses
◦ the core of learning [translator's guess!]
Special educators with a bachelor's degree (BA or BEd) and at least a teaching certificate in special education.
Special education students in their final academic year (internship)
Applicants up to age 30
Personal interview
Practical experience briefly
Admissions Committee
Scope of programme
• The program runs over three years of study  (two + one year internship) totaling approximately 30 hours a week (pure and applied theoretical studies)
• The school week is five days and includes two days' theoretical learning (courses + observations) and three days' guided practical learning.
• The third year is a one-year supervised internship of mainly practical learning.
Scholarships will be awarded to students in the program during their studies.
The plan will be submitted for recognition of proficiency (120 hours a year) through the the Ministry of Education.
Programme graduates will be committed to work in education/special education in Israel for six years from the end of their studies.
About Tsad Kadima
The Tsad Kadima  Conductive Educationorganisation was founded by a group of parents of children with cerebral palsy and professionals in 1987. Tsad Kadima's approach has led to transfer Conductive Education from Hungary across to the education and rehabilitation system in Israel, has developed educational-rehabilitation settings throughout the country, and dealt with training of conductors for many years.
Tsad Kadima is a young and dynamic organization, constantly evolving according to the changing needs of its customers, who are children, adolescents and adults with paralyses, parents, families and students.
Head of Programme
Dr. Ronnie Schenker, Professional Director of Tsad Kadima. Dr. Schenker has a Ph.D. in occupational therapy at Hadassah Hebrew University of Jerusalem... Dr. Schenker specializes in cerebral palsy and has extensive experience of practice in this field, and of teaching and research applications.
For more information and registration:
Tsad Kadima
Tel: 02-6540062
Fax: 02-6540069
Levinsky College of Education, Graduate School
Tel: 03-6902482/3
Commencement of the program depends on the number of students accepted.
Download Registration Form

The above translation

Do not take it as gospel.

My main qualification for making the above translation is not knowing a single word of Hebrew, other than the names of the first two letters of its alphabet.

I do, however, know how to cut and paste into and out of Google Translate, I have had a lot of contact with Rony over the last couple of years so I knew the general outline of what is described here before I read it, and I have translated from foreign languages enough in the past to risk a little creativity!

Where these three have failed me, then I have left a blank.

I would be grateful for any corrections etc. that those many better qualified would like to offer.

Meanwhile, put them together for Rony and her colleagues, and for all those who have stood behind and contributed to the development of all this for more than twenty years now.

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