Thursday, 15 July 2010

Crucial role of marketing

Follow-up letter from America

For Conductive Education to succeed
long-term in the United States – II

Judit Roth

I am so proud of our accomplishments. We are starting our music therapy and CE camps next week. All spots are taken. If you follow my personal Facebook page, you know that my meeting with the local children's hospital (including their spasticity clinic director and caseworkers) went really well. They've been sending clients ever since.

But again I would like to highlight that doing hands-on work with the children – unfortunately – is not enough nowadays to gain new clients. I do not know much about the other parts of the world, but here in the United States your marketing tools and message are crucial to succeed. I came up with the following few points that I stress besides educating families and professionals about our services such as CE. i.e. this is included in our packet of information that families receive, highlighted in presentations, etc.

CDD is the preferred provider of quality, personalized, therapeutic, educational, and recreational services for children with developmental differences.
Why choose CDD?
Because we provide

  • CHOICE in treatment and service options

  • FLEXIBILITY in scheduling, offering evening and weekend appointments

  • HIGH QUALITY service

  • RAPID RESPONSES in preferred communication channels, via email, phone or text- messaging.

  • And most importantly, we believe in treating each other and our clients with care and respect.
Our goal is to change forever, improve, and impact the lives of children affected with disabilities and their families.

Building RELATIONSHIPS with potential referral sources (medical doctors, school teachers, therapists, disability associations, city and government agencies, and other agencies, even your competition), stakeholders, and of course your clients' families, is the most important task

We are still in a fragile start-up phase (and the recession hurts everyone) but we ride on the passion and belief that we can make a difference!


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