Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Dangerous hulks

Toxic cargoes
Cyberspace has its own Sargasso Sea of derelict, abandoned, wrecked, dead websites. Round and round the current swirls, picking up ever more cuber-junk and, terrible to see, even  rotting carcases just won't sink. Instead the flotsam piles up higher and higher – and floating amidst the small stuff are the wrecks of some big ventures, some of these are potentially perilous to the incautious cybenaut.

Earlier today there was reason to mention the big, sombulant Hungarian site Konductor. This is a benign wreck, a Marie Celeste, abandoned by its crew for no apparent reason, its clock still ticking. It is not a danger to anyone, more like a tended tourist attraction. Climb aboard to see a sad might-have-been:

Three weeks ago, mention was made on Conductive World of the Conductive Education Communications Center, now seemingly moribund – apart from its Forum, which is filling up with already approaching three-thousand links to financial offers, gambling sites, dodgy pharmaceuticals and pornography:

Since then I had reason to look at the site of the Inter-American Conductive Education Association. It too seemed abandoned, but I saw that its Forums page was still running and had been taken over by a similar motley crew.

Checking back on this Forums page this evening I cannot get in, so maybe the owners have taken this matter in hand by closing it down.

Sites set up with the best and most noble intentions in the world are vulnerable to unwelcome stowaways if they are left unmonitored and unmanaged, These large, unchecked websites are very visible, with prominent positions within their subjects on the major search engines. At the every least their unintended content must give a disturbing public impression of Conductive Education to anyone who explores them.

Conductive Education has no corporate identity and therefore there is no one with responsibility to act on such situations.

Three weeks ago I suggested that ACENA might do something. about the Forum pages on Conductive Education Communications Center. Maybe such action falls by default to individual citizens – presumably in this instance American citizens as the site in question is based in the United States – to make their own representations to its owners..

Conductive World has readers aplenty on the USA. Over to you. 

Recent mentions of these three sites

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